Friendship and Courage
Matt and Tai's love

This page is for the couple of Tachi (Tai) and Yamato (Matt) from Digimon. This pairing is often called Taito or Yamachi. Taito is actually the reason I started watching Digimon in the first place, and is definitely my favorite part of the show. I had read about Taito on a site, so I figured I'd check out Digimon. The first few episodes I saw didn't have much in the way of hinting, so for a while I didn't know what these people were talking about. But once I saw the three major Taito-hinting episodes, I was a believer, and I totally fell in love with couple.

Sub Zero Ice Punch
Even though they fight a lot in this episode, there's also a lot of major touching between them; they hug and hold hands both at the beginning and the end of the episode.

Plus, in this episode Matt cries in front of Tai. Matt is usually very closed off; the fact that he could open up to Tai like that definitely means something!

The Prophecy
Matt and Tai stand there holding hands while they get shot by what other characters call "Cupid's Arrows" and "arrows of love." That's just GOT to be implying something. In a very emotional voice, Matt offers to hold onto Tai in case he's scared, and Tai says he'll do the same for him. Very cute.

The Crest of Friendship
This is just the most touching episode for Taito. When you see how Tai never gives up hope that Matt will come to help him, and then Matt shows up and holds Tai in his arms and they start talking about how much they mean to each other and how they'll never let anything come between them again, you could just cry. Matt, in fact, does cry- even though earlier in the episode he'd said that he never wanted to let anyone see him cry.

The strength of their bond with each other actually causes their crests to glow and heals the Digimon so that they can win the battle. When the Mat and Tai run off together, their arms are still around each other.

Digimon 02
Aside from some of the usual "touching and hugging etc" stuff, there wasn't as much in the way of Taito hints for this season. But I did like the fact that Tai and Matt's Digimon were capable of Jogress Evolving with each other, which means that the two Digimon would combine into one. It definitely implies some kind of special closeness between Matt and Tai, because their Digimon couldn't Jogress Evolve with any Digimon besides each other, and only a few other pairs of Digimon were ever capable of Jogress Evolving together, so it's something that is kind of special.

Official art from the creators of Digimon.
Appeared in a Japanese magazine to advertise Digimon.
At least as far as 01 is concerned, Matt and Tai are just the most beautiful couple; I love how they have that combination of a strong friendship and a rivalry dynamic. To me, they go perfectly together; I can't see either one with anyone else.

Of course, there's the whole Sora/Matt thing that happened at the end of 02...but a lot of people noticed that the epilogue was quite vague on the subject of whether Matt and Sora were actually married, whereas it was specifically stated that Ken and Miyako were married. Also, Ken and Miyako were standing really close to each other in both pictures of the older Digidestined, while there was a huge gap between Matt and Sora, and Matt was actually standing really close to...Tai! Because of this, and the fact that this whole Sora/Matt thing came REALLY out of left field (I mean, come on, Matt and Sora had shown NO interest in each other before this) a lot of people think that Matt and Sora got divorced, or even that they were never actually married at all. So, who knows, maybe Matt ended up with Tai after all. My personal favorite theory is that Sora was the surrogate mother for Matt and Tai's kids. Far-fetched, I know, but hey; it could happen!

Either way, at least Tai didn't end up with Sora; sorry, but I got annoyed with all those smug Tai/Sora people who were just SO positive that that coupling was the only possibility, even though there were NO hints for it throughout the entire show! The only evidence they really had was that hint from the movie, but guess what, it was totally dub added! In the original Japanese version that whole part with Tai debating whether to write "love" or "from" on his letter to Sora never happened at all!

And so, Taito lives on...

More official art from the creators of Digimon in another Japanese magazine.
Matt and Tai are all over each other, and Tai is giving Matt red roses!