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This is a Palletshipping site. Palletshipping is the pairing of Ash and Gary (Satoshi and Shigeru) from Pokemon. Palletshipping is also known as ShiShi, Shi2, ShigeSato, ShiShishipping, and AAGL (which stands for Ash and Gary's Love). This site also contains Originalshipping, which is the pairing of Red and Green (characters based on Ash and Gary) from the Pokemon Special manga. Originalshipping is also known as MangaPalletshipping and Rainbowshipping. This site has evidence, fanfics, fanart, screen caps, manga scans and more. Here, you'll also find a page about the Magical Pokemon Journey manga, as well as some pages focused on Digimon (mostly related to the pairing of Tai and Matt, which is known as Taito or Yamachi). Click either the picture above or the "enter" link to enter the site.

I don't own Pokemon or Digimon. This site was made for love, not money.